work at home scams

Work at home scam

Working my 9 to 5 back-to-back with no day off for two weeks had me drained. My physical and mental energy had just evaporated off me and I was tired to my core. On a beautiful Sunday, just before I started getting dressed up for work, I started surfing the web looking for a few DIYs, and I saw this ad that said that I have the potential of earning up to $500 a day working from home. THIS IS ALL I WANTED, PEOPLE! Working in my pajamas, jamming to music and not worrying about gas money? Ain’t that the life? I imagined a life full of rainbows and unicorns, but it really wasn’t what I thought it was. Here’s what happened, from the minute I saw the ad.

Where I Found It

So this was actually a while back, but this advertisement still exists in different forms. Like I said, I was looking at a few DIY home remedy pages and I came across this one page stocked up on ads by Google. It had a variety of ads, like travel, paying off debt without lifting a finger, mortgaging a house with no credit, all these wonderful things that are unattainable in real life. I should’ve known that I was stepping into a scam when I looked at the other ads on that site, I mean none of them seemed legit.

I was still looking for a way out, so I stepped into the trap.

A Vibrant Colored Pop-up

This is what the ad looked like; a funky colored pop up with crazy fonts that claimed that I have the potential make seven days worth of pay in just one day. It showed me an article on how this stay at home mom (her name was Melissa Johnson as I recall) made over $12,500 in a month, and how ecstatic she was about it. I thought that if she made such a huge sum in a month with a bunch of kids, that I have the potential kill it and maybe even double that amount. Now I was tired of my job. The waking up, the dressing up, the long drive, and to top it all off, no days off. I was looking for a way out, to relax at home while still bringing myself an income. I thought I’d give it a shot and see what kind of good fate this amazing job was going to bring me. I made the smart move of not quitting the job I had at the time to give this “work at home job” a try.

Where It Took Me

The article about the rich stay at home mom and a hundred different links on it where you can click to join the program. On top of her picture, under her picture, to the left, to the right, it was everywhere! When I clicked one of them it took me to a different website, on a different tab. Again, it took me to a crazy looking multi-colored page telling me how great of an opportunity this is. I was so ready to join. I mean, the article even showed a picture of the check she received after she followed this work at home program. It popped up a page where I had to fill in my details to get started, like my name, address and email, and then it redirected me to another site again where I had to fill out a survey and state my average household income. I didn’t realize that all these were red flags. A legitimate site will not, and I repeat WILL NOT make you go through several crazy colored sites to get you where you want to be. I ignored all the red flags and still kept going to find my fortune. I finally wound up at the final page where I had to watch a “short 15 minute video” to continue with the registration process. After the video ended, a huge green button popped up saying “click here to enroll”.

The Trap

The Trap

Once I clicked enroll, it told me that I had to take a course, a training to get started up with the process of making money. It was a $47 fee upfront and no cost after. It promised me tools and coaching on how to get started in as little as one day, and how to make legitimate money with no prior experience on anything. If you google “how to make money online”, you’re going to see a thousand different websites with so many unique ways of making money. I once looked into a stock trading program to learn a new skill and work from home, and the coach was a real guy who starred in Forbes and had YouTube videos on how he became a millionaire in a matter of three years. I didn’t join the program because it costs almost $2000 plus up sells to get in and make yourself a living. I wasn’t going to pay that much of my hard-earned money, but this new “scam” site which I still didn’t realize was a scam only wanted me to pay $47. I was able to afford that, so I went ahead and paid for it, and impatiently waited for my first lesson.

My Expectations vs. Reality


I got a receipt in my email saying my payment went through. I was ecstatic about my new business opportunity, I was finally going to quit my corporate job and make money while I sip on coffee at the comfort of my home. I expected daily training, coaching, and hundred dollar bills to rain on to me through a crack on my ceiling.

Reality. What I expected, did not happen. The link crashed, the website wasn’t accessible anymore, and it didn’t take me to a training page or a customer service or anything else. They took my money and left me with nothing. I felt bummed, and most of all, I lost $47 of hard-earned money.

Months after this happened, I looked into my bank account to check if a payment that was due on bills had gone through, my balance was less than what it was that morning, and I hadn’t bought anything that day. When I looked at my statements, I saw a recurring payment of $5 every month that went to some anonymous website. I figured it was probably the scam site getting rich by initially taking my $47 and now $5 every month. I had to call my bank and have them blocked, but all in all, I had to withdraw my money, close my account and open a new one in a different bank. This scam, was dangerous.

Detect Scams! Don’t Be Me.

If a person could make that much money in a day, everyone would be doing it. That was what I failed to understand when I paid for this scam and wound up with money stolen from me. “Any advertisement that promises a way out without work is a scam.” Those are wise words to live by! I learned to google reviews on websites that I suspected were scams and it got me out of a ton of trouble after that one incident, and now I share my experiences, tips and tricks to get anyone else out.

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